Massage Class


table for massage

Massage Class

at The Acupuncture Works

Each massage class will introduce a basic massage with oil for relaxation. No experience necessary. Students will gain an understanding of how to both give and receive a massage for enjoyment and relaxation.

This is not a class to learn professional massage.

Class size is limited and preregistration is required. 

Class will start with  everyone gathered around. There will be a brief discussion of anatomy and kinesiology (structure and function) so students can understand what they are feeling. Then the massage lesson for the day will be demonstrated on one of the attendees.

The class will then break up and each two people will have a massage table in a semi private space. One partner will get on the massage table and the other will practice the strokes. Linda will walk around and offer suggestions.

We will take a short break and then the person who has not yet received massage will get on the table and the other person will practice the massage. Again Linda will be available for guidance.


Back and Neck massage class:  

Included will be an introduction to the long sweeping strokes of Esalen style massage. We will explore some of the strokes and how they are suited to different shape muscles. The person receiving the massage will be face down for this class.


Legs and Feet massage class: 

We will continue with long sweeping strokes and introduce foot reflexology and trigger point therapy. We will work on both front and back of the legs.


Shoulders, Arms and Hands  massage Class: 

Small strokes with pressure are used to relax the small muscle of the hand. Some basic acupressure will be demonstrated.. We will  also feel how the muscles move the elbow and shoulder and how to relax them. Shoulder are also the attachment to the body so we will continue with the notion the body is all connected




Linda Robinson-Hidas LicAc has been practicing massage over 30 years. She is  trained in Esalen style, Swedish, Shiatsu, & Tui Na massage. She incorporates these as needed into her acupuncture and herbal practice as well as her home life. Linda believes massage can be an important part of daily life and wants everyone to feel comfortable doing massage on their friends and family.



Registration will be for two people.  Pick someone you would like to share massage with.

Preregistration required or use the click to schedule now button above.