Acupuncture in Amherst, MA

Linda Robinson-Hidas

Celebrating 25 Years


This week marks 25 years since receiving my License to practice Acupuncture in Massachusetts. Thank you to all the patients who have visited me over the years. It is an honor to serve and a wonderful learning experience for me. I am especially proud of serving multiple generations of so many families. It has been a great pleasure to grow

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7 Reasons to Seek Out Acupuncture


Do you ever feel your life’s a ride that won’t ever stop? How many nights do you wait for Mr. Sandman to magically appear? How often do you truly take time for yourself? Do you have aches and pains almost daily? Are over-the-counter or prescription medications controlling your life? When was the last time you actually felt at peace?

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Olympians Who Receive Acupuncture


It has been shown that acupuncture can help the body in many ways. From repairing the digestive system to boosting Qi, enhancing athletic performance to mending strains and sprains, acupuncture has many uses and most of these uses are beneficial for professional athletes.

As the Olympics in Rio get closer and closer with each passing day

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